***PTA Officers Needed***

Redoubt’s PTA current board officers will be stepping down. We are in need of a President, Vice President and Treasurer. Please consider whether you would like to become a PTA officer. Our PTA raises money for our school and those funds in their account will be handed over to the State PTA if the positions are not filled. Thank you!

2018/2019 School Year

PTA Meeting Dates:

Sept. 11th @ 5pm

Oct. 9th @ 3:34

Dec. 11th @ 3:45

Feb. 12th @ 3:45

April 9th @ 3:45

May 14th @ 3;45

2017-2018 School Year

President – Emily Manley

Vice President-

Acting Secretary – Amy Burton (until filled)

Treasurer- Jamie Gossman


Minutes 2017.12

Minutes 2016.12 December

Minutes 2018.01













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